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Administrative Office

Responsibility: Internal Management, Human Resource, Secretary Service
Tel: 0086 10-87109821
Fax: 0086 10-87109814

Accounting Department
Responsibility: CFNA¡¯s accounting and finance work
Tel: 0086 10-87109824
Fax: 0086 10-87109823

General Affairs and Legal Service Department
Responsibility: Policy Research, Macro Market Research, General Affairs, Legal Consultation and Training, Respond to Trade Remedy Measures
Tel: 0086 10-87109827
Fax: 0086 10-87109834

Information, Membership and Liaison Department
Responsibility: Membership Maintenance, General Service, Trade Promotional Activities, International Cooperation, Statistics Analysis, Information Disclosure, Operation of
Tel: 0086 10-87109883
Fax: 0086 10-87109829
Email: contact@cccfna.

Cereals and Oils Department
Responsibility: In charge of cereal, oil, oil seed, grain, pulses, nut, raw sugar. Mainly focus on soybean oil, vegetable oil, palm oil, peanut oil, soybean, rapeseed, peanut, sesame, kidney bean, mung bean, adzuki bean, chick pea, pistachio, almond, walnut, pine nut, cashew nut, seed kernel, etc.
Tel: 0086 10-87109835/36/37
Fax: 0086 10-87109838

Vegetable, Fruit and Industrial Food Department
Responsibility: In charge of dehydrated/ fresh/frozen vegetable and fruit, juice, sugar, salt, condiment, vermicelli, bakery, processed food, etc.
Tel: 0086 10-87109839/40
Fax: 0086 10-87109843/44

Meat and Seafood Department
Responsibility: In charge of live poultry and livestock, meat, dairy, egg, feedstuff, eel, crawfish, crab, shrimp, sea weed, laver, frozen fish fillet, fish product, sea shell and all other seafood.
Tel: 0086 10-67168926
Fax: 0086 10-87109846

Special Local Product and Forestry Products Department
Responsibility: In charge of honey, edible fungus, firework, PP woven bag, rosin, log, plate, plywood, fibre board, flooring, disposable chopsticks, paulownia, essential oil, fragrant.
Tel: 0086 10-87109852/5359/60
Fax: 0086 10-87109854/57/61

Tea and Horticulture Department
Responsibility: In charge of tea, coffee, cocoa drink, alcoholic drink, flower, pot plant, candle, etc.
Tel: 0086 10-87109865
Fax: 0086 10-87109864

Animal By-products and Carpet Department
Responsibility: In charge of rabbit hair, cashmere, wool, carpet, bristle, casing, down product, fur, leather, etc.
Tel: 0086 10-87109870/67
Fax: 0086 10-87109899/94

Exhibition Department
Responsibility: In charge of organizing agricultural exhibitions. Organizes enterprises to attend Canton Fair. Provides service related to fairs in China and abroad. Every year organizes companies to participate in about 30
exhibitions abroad.
Tel: 0086 10-87109871/72
Fax: 0086 10-87109874

Business Development Department
Responsibility: Organizes international exhibitions and conferences such as SNACKEX. Organizes companies to participate in exhibitions and conferences in China and abroad. Also in charge of marketing of food products, project development, and trade information service.
Tel: 0086 10-87109884/73
Fax: 0086 10-87109895

Beijing Jinsui Exhibition Center
Responsibility: Organizes exhibitions and conferences in China and abroad. Provides exhibition service.
Tel: 0086 10-87109871/72
Fax: 0086 10-87109874

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